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How to be the Master of your own time through Organization Part 1

As some of you know I am Courtney Winter and I own P3 Picture Perfect Planning. I started this business as a single mom in 2011. Currently I am a mom, wife, President of my children’s FSA (same thing as PTA), an avid runner who currently gets in 100 miles a month, I just did my first marathon, coach my girls running team, help my friends, have three girls that attend three different schools (two that have to be driven to school), give my clients 150%, volunteer in my community, and much more. Unfortunately my husband is a truck driver and is gone a lot, but he is amazing and supports us in every way he can. Why do I tell you all of this? I promise it is not to toot my own horn, although I give myself a huge pat on the back. It is to prove that through planning, oraganization, hardwork, and commitment you can not only achieve your goals but succeed at them too!

Everything gets put in my calendar for all my family members, work, races, and even family time. I keep it organized by color coding everything. Every person and task has it’s own color so that at a glance I can easily see what we have coming up. I am a fantastic planner and can properly execute what could be the most stressful day to others with ease. Here are a few basic tips to get you started. These tips can help you in your life, home, and business no matter what you do.

1. Write a to list daily or weekly

2. Use a calendar

3. Prioritze and give tasks deadlines whether daily, weekly, or monthly to help fulfill a sense of accomplishment.

4. Communicate with family and team members so everyone understands the projects, deadlines, and to do lists. Perhaps you could send weekly emails to keep your team posted.

5. Create a schedule to help keep you on task each day. Take 20 minutes at the start of everyday to do this. When you know what to expect with each day you can better allocate time to certain tasks.

Some of you may have difficulty or think that you have this mastered but we all falter. I am a fantastic planner but made the mistake last month of not writing down my runs to get in my 100 miles and guess what… I failed!! This is my first time in a while that I am running just to run since I do not have a race till November, so I thought no biggie. See when you are training for a race you have a schedule that you stick to to help facilitate a great run. Right now the miles are just a personal goal to stay in shape. I only got in 50 miles last month and was very disappointed in myself. Needless to say my running schedule is written down now :) Happy planning and stay tuned for : How to be the master of your own time Part 2

Plan ahead…. don’t let time blow by

Chabby Chic Window Picture (How to…)

My husband and I took a cruise back in 2011 and it was amazing. One of my favorite days was St.Thomas Virgin Islands, mostly because I had dreamed of going there since I was a little girl. My father use to travel there a lot and I was in love with the photos and presents he would bring back for me.  Not only did I finally get to see th place I had dreamed of but it was also my birthday! We sat on the deck eating our breakfast when all of the sudden na rainbow appeared, thus an amazing photo one would only dream of getting….. St Thomas 2011 018 bwcI had this picture printed in an 16×20 size and didn’t know what I would do with it until I came across some old window frames.  Start with your frame outside and wear a mask to not inhale old paint. Use sand paper and even a dremmel to get in the smaller locations to get all rough edges and peeling paint off.

IMG_3488 IMG_3489 IMG_3491

Once the area is clean measure out picture to ensure that once you cut it it is centered in the window.

IMG_3492 IMG_3493Once you cut picture make sure surface is clean and ready to start gluing with Modge Podge.IMG_3494

Coat the glass with Modge Podge and then lay the picture in place and cover completely with Modge Podge. Your picture will be lovely, protected, and ready for display in no time! :)

IMG_3495 IMG_3497 IMG_3498Finished Product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used this for a display at a wedding show I did to show off my photography but now it sits in our dining room for all to enjoy. Stay tuned for more pinterest How to’s !!! Happy Crafting

Hand sewn Ruby Red Slippers

Many of you may know that I got married and was fortunate enough to walk down the REAL YELLOW BRICK road to meet my soon to be husband. I made decoupaged shoes which I shared on a previous blog, but here are my Ruby Red Slippers!!!! I searched the internet and found some beautiful slippers but the CHEAPEST pair I found were $150 or more for actual beads… and I would never spend that much on a pair of slippers. Thus began the LONGEST project I could have ventured onto for my wedding crafts. I mean I was finishing sewing them the day before I got married in between getting my manicure and pedicure :)

Ruby Red Slippers #1
Ruby Red Slippers #1
Ruby Red Slippers #2
Ruby Red Slippers #2
Ruby Red Slippers #3
Ruby Red Slippers #3

I found these beautiful ballet slippers that had never been worn at a second hand store for only $5!!! I purchased all of the beads for $10! The key to get the sparkle is to alternate with a clear sparkling bead along with the red. I was so glad I had these after my decoupaged shoes got wet, but talk about a pop of color under my dress at our reception! :)

Ruby Red Slippers #4
Ruby Red Slippers #4

Best and Hardest thing I have ever done…….

I have been so fortunate and blessed lately! So please do not take this blog as a complaint!!! ( I am also sorry for not blogging since October but MAN have I BEEN BUSY) Thank you God!

A little over three years ago I decided to start my own business. Making this decision my main goal and objective was to be able to be here for my girls, volunteer at school, and be the best mom I could be (now that includes wife). One way this business has helped me is that I get to teach my girls that they can strive to be anyone and do anything they truly set their hearts desire on. I have been told by fellow business owners and vendors that I won’t amount to anything or my business won’t grow. I may not be the David Tutera of Wilmington, but I have no desire to be! I strive to be the best Courtney Winter I can be and I give every client whether I am taking their picture, planning their event, or face painting for their children 150% of everything I am. I am creative, fun, loyal, outspoken, trustworthy, organized, and hardworking. I get asked on a daily basis how I do everything I do. The answer to me is very simple. One; I LOVE MY JOB Two: I love my family Three; I am a great planner for everything has a place on a calendar ;) .

It has been a little overwhelming the last few months as the business grows. I recreated my website and web designer I am NOT! However the penny pincher I am I knew I had no choice but to buckle down and Just do it! It took me 20 hours, some of you IT pros may laugh, but we do what we have to do. It is hard some days to balance everything and not everyday is easy let’s be real. Some days I want to just turn off the computer, cuddle with my girls and not worry about uploading to Pinterest, working on a family photo shoot, or emailing for leads that sometimes have no end. I especially love the clients who waste my time with emails, phone calls, and scheduling a session or event for them to call back two days before hand and say “Oh my best friends mom is a (Planner, Photographer) and she will do it for us for free, but we will keep you in mind for next time.” Did you stop to think that next time I may not be available, or did you ever hear the saying Burn my once?? Well, we know what happens next right?

I have experienced bumps in the road, times of joy, times of worry, being drunk off creation, and blessed beyond my imagination. I have some of the most amazing clients that compliment me the most by using my services over and over again. For your support, love, kindness, and trust I THANK YOU.

“We all have a vision, a goal, and a dream! Don’t smother mine because yours are coming true!! ”

Once upon a time
Once upon a time

How to make hanging flower balls for any occasion

I had a wedding that I was planning where the bride and groom were laid back and wanted simple decorations for an outside gazebo where they would hold the ceremony. (Trust me when I say the area was beautiful enough they needed minimal decor.) I came up with these….


I purchased 2 different size balls and scrap pieces of burlap we used to wrap the mason jars for the centerpieces. The bride also had fake flowers for part of her bouquet so I incorporated those as well. I started off by heating up my glue gun and getting all supplies on hand and even prepulled flowers off of the stems and precut burlap. All supplies are ready to be glued.

Start by adding a line of glue and wrapping base ribbon around to which you will hang the ball. ( You can also choose to leave this step off if will use the balls on a table, or you could tie it in a bow)


Make sure to wrap the base ribbon in a straight line all the way around the ball leaving at least a foot on either side for hanging.


Next wrap the ball with the burlap for a base color. I used both teal and natural to add texture and color.

IMG_7271 IMG_7279 IMG_7272

The hot glue dries very fast and makes this craft simple and easy to complete in no time at all. Next step is to add flowers in an assortment. I choose to not cover the ball entirely to expose the burlap. Add as many or as little as you want :)

IMG_7275 IMG_7283 (2)

Also remember you can use these for aisle runners to hang from chairs, centerpieces, decor over a buffet or dessert table and so much more! HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Courtney

Summer Coming to an End

As today is my last official day of summer I will miss my girls going back to school, planning daily activities, and enjoying hearing their laugh. But more importantly I miss the summer fun that me and my crew are blessed to take part in. We have been volunteering at Carolina Beach Boardwalk for 7 years and I can not imagine our summer without it. I have watched the kids grow and I adore seeing them each week.

4th Fun
4th Fun


New peacock design in the works
New peacock design in the works
What Fun!
What Fun!

I have painted the same thing on some of the same faces time after time, and some kids request different things every time. Either way it doesn’t matter to me! I LOVE seeing our line that never ends because it tells me that from a customer perspective you LOVE what we do. I thank you Carolina Beach Downtown Initiative for your support and allowing us to come back over and over :)

We will be out there for the last Tuesday of the summer August 26th 2014 from 6:30 – 8:30 so come see us!!!!

From our heart to yours #iheartp3planning

Tuesday Tip :How to be a GREAT Bridesmaid!!

As an event planner I get asked a lot what brides should do about the less than excited bridesmaid so after careful thought I have compiled a few thoughts and tips to share. Bridesmaids remember that it is not about the dress, the color, or style but about you playing an active role. You are responsible for taking weight off the brides shoulders,  helping a friend or family member, and helping keep stress at a minimum. Please do NOT cause the bride more stress! Here are a few tips;

1. If you live close by organize a monthly get together to keep everyone one the same page, craft, or have  a glass of wine. Maybe even do lunch or dinner on occasion.

2. Planning a shower if bride wants one whether it is a couple shower, females only, or both.

3. If you live far away call, email, PM regularly to stay in touch with what is going on. Ask what you can do to help by doing research, scanning through invitation ideas, etc.

4. **If you are the Maid of Honor then it is your responsibility to organize all bridesmaids, not the brides. Help her search for dresses that suit everyone and be proactive about meeting other bridesmaids especially if you have never meet!

5. Plan non wedding related activities to help the bride stay relaxed and not stressed out. She needs to relax and enjoy this process.

6. Most importantly remember that your job will vary so be open to anything, AVAILABLE, and willing to help! Even if all your bride needs is moral support!

BRIDES— Remember to pick wisely and happy planning :)

Jumping for Joy
Jumping for Joy